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The Powis-6000 Control has been designed to meet and exceed HACCP regulations.  It has been designed to answer the who, what, when and why of the thermal process.  Currently the Powis-6000 can control industrial smoke houses, blast chillers and cook/chill tanks.  Equipped  with Ethernet communication and solid state memory for reliability, the Powis-6000 provides secure reliable data storage and trending.

Product Information

The PC-6000 was designed to meet and exceed HACCP regulations.  The key questions being asked by HACCP is; Can meat producers answer the who, what, when, where and why of the cook process.

All actions on the control are logged as to what happened, who made the change and at what time the change was made.  Also, there are four different security clearance levels, allowing your system administrator to decide what operators have access to what parts of the control.  It also can be set up to require a supervisor to sign-off on product reaching final internal temperature.  The PC-6000 is outfitted with the ability to store cook cycles at the control itself, making each control its own entity.  That way if there is ever a network failure, crucial cook information will not be lost.  We now also have the ability to download and upload using a PDA if there is a prolonged network failure.  Because HACCP is not just about doing it, but proving that you did it, we added the feature that will log probe calibrations as well.  If you chose, there is an automatic printout available after each calibration, which also contains a place to have your operator or maintenance personnel sign off on the calibration.

Totally Configurable / Easy

All of our options are built around the idea of being completely flexible and configurable to whatever may arise at various plants.  Our controls are setup for electric on/off, Pneumatic, electric proportional, gas or steam houses.  The rotating dampers are also monitored and alarms when there is a failure.

Installation is quick, easy, and inexpensive, especially when the control is not being moved.  Our touch screen display was designed to be easy to use, so much so that by the time we are done with the installation your operators will be trained and running the PC-6000.

Maintenance has never been easier or more efficient. The PM schedule is completely designed by the user, and records all maintenance activities automatically.

Cook programs can be set to ‘auto report’ which will allow a configurable summarized report to automatically print out after every completed cook cycle, this can be set up to go to any part of your plant that needs it such as your QA/QC department.  The PC-6000 can be changed between any major languages on the fly, during a cook cycle, allowing users of multiple languages to use the control simultaneously.

CIP system can easily be run through the controls, never having costly waste of water and resources, as you will have a repeatable CIP cycle.

Operating System

Unlike a Windows or hard drive reliant storage system, the possibility for lost data is practically nonexistent.  Our redundant data storage insures that even with network or power failures, your data will be secure and backed up. Our non-volatile RAM also eliminates the need for a UPS.  Running Nucleus + RTOs, This system was developed for non-fault tolerant systems like flight and medical certified operating systems.  A few current users are: Intermec bar code data collection, Honeywell, NASA GPS Systems.

How often does Windows send out ‘updates?’  How often is that ‘update’ downloaded onto controls running off of Windows operating systems?  Windows simply was not designed with non-fault tolerance in mind.

We are the only company in the industry to completely design and manufacture our controls on our own which lets us control the technology and parts, allowing us to plan for the future.  Therefore, our new PC-6000 will be no exception, as we are guaranteeing a 20-year plus support life.